Q: How do you place an order?
Use our online ordering system, if you are currently a customer and have your login credentials
        If you are not a customer, click here to sign up to be a customer.
Email your order to sales@greatgrizzly.com.  Please include item number, item name, and  quantity.
Fax your order:  Indiana - 765-284-5788 or Georgia - 404-996-6281.  Please include item              number, item name and quantity.
Call an order in 1-800-800-2264.  Please have item number, item name, and quantity ready to      give us.

Q: How do I know what to order? Can NCI suggest best seller items?
Please review our Best Seller’s and Staff Recommended pages (coming soon). You can also
call and speak with a sales representative.

Q: How can I pay for a fireworks order?
A: Cash - Cash payment is welcome for Customer Pickup orders.
Check - Business or personal checks are welcome (please note that we may need to wait for notification from your bank to confirm funds availability).
Cashier's Check or Money Order - You may pay with a cashier's check or Money Order payable to North Central Industries.
Wire Transfer -  You may also pay for the fireworks via wire transfer.  Please call us when you have your order ready and we will coordinate wire transfer arrangements.
Credit Card - You can pay using the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  

Q: After an order is placed, how ling will it take to receive?
A: Orders are shipped out five days a week, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). How quickly an order ships depends on how quickly we receive a finalized order with payment and a confirmed shipping address.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
NCI gets rate quotes from different freight companies. Because of our high volume shipping, we are given significant discounts which we are able to pass on to our customers to provide the lowest rate possible for your shipment. Shipping costs are generally based on weight, skid count, and location. Please call a sales rep for a shipping quote once you have finalized your order.

Q: How can I import container loads of fireworks through NCI?
For large orders (1,000 cases or more) we are able to make drop-ship arrangements where the merchandise is delivered directly to your location from the factory. Since the drop-ship orders require a 40-foot cargo container to be completely full from one supplier, the investment is usually $35,000.00-$48,000.00 per container. However, drop-ship orders receive the lowest prices because some warehousing and shipping expenses are avoided. For more information on drop shipment containers please ask for Jeff at 404-549-3391 or AJ at 800-800-2264.

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