Passfire Review

Posted by: Nicole B | Wednesday November 30, 2016

Have you ever been curious about how fireworks are used around the world? Passfire will satiate your curiosity and then some. From the US, to the UK, to Turkey, where they sell fireworks out of gun shops, to Spain, where people are shown walking the streets throwing large firecrackers on an average day. On to Mexico where bottle rockets are being lit by hand and let go. One of the most interesting festivals is in Mexico, they build large structures out of wood wrapped it in fireworks and some even have moving pieces. They also build several bull structures that are considered to be the Patron Saint of Fireworks. If you are burned by one of the sparks from the bull it is considered to be a blessing from the saint. You see people dancing among the sparks in the dark of night and it looks to be quite the fireworks safety hazard, but it allows you to see their passion and I don’t believe anyone involved minds a few minor burns. From Mexico they move to the Philippines for the World Pyro Olympics, then to South Africa to meet a few pyrotechnicians with a story to tell and from there they head to India where their salutes are the largest I’ve ever seen. They go from Kenya to Canada to Italy. That’s not even half of the amazing places they visit in this documentary. Passfire takes you through a journey of fireworks that many enthusiasts would only dream about. You get to learn how fireworks are used, made, celebrated, and enjoyed all around the world. If you haven’t seen Passfire I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and grab a copy at!

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