Posted by: Josh Mahoney | Thursday February 9, 2017

We, at North Central Industries, are proud to unveil our newest line of aerials…The GG SERIES. These cakes will feature our new, “Official Seal of Quality” and it is the first series of items that have been implemented in our new Professional Lineup of products. There are 4 separate cakes in this series: GG 28, GG 35, GG 42, and GG 49. The numbers associated with each cake represent the number of shots that cake contains. We have also decided to implement a new packaging design that we plan on incorporating into future products as well as we move forward.

So…these cakes are new, and they bear a revolutionary packaging design for our company, but what makes them so special? What makes these new cakes worthy of being the spear head of our new Professional Lineup? There are 3 reasons why you should definitely give these items a try for this year.


One key element to consider when evaluating cakes is duration. Nothing is deemed worse for consumers than dropping $50 plus dollars on a “premium item” that lasts less than 20 seconds. The duration range of the GG series is 28-55 seconds. Such durations are very impressive for 200-350 gram cakes.

These cakes also feature PowerLift technology, which will become the industry standard for all cakes in the future. PowerLift technology enables less effect powder to be used in the lift charge, but the lift of each shot travels just as high (or higher) than previously. This enables more powder to be devoted to vibrant colors and loud breaks that we love. PowerLift technology is the ultimate mark of efficiency in the fireworks industry today.


As previously mentioned, this new series will provide consumers with choosing between 4 different cakes. They can choose the traditional, high quality, GG 28 that lasts for nearly 30 seconds…or they can go all out with the GG 49 that lasts for nearly a full minute. Maybe they want something in between? No matter the choice, consumers will be fully satisfied experiencing the revolution in 200-350 gram aerials.


The GG series is not only revolutionizing 200-350 gram cakes as we know it, but they are also some of the most affordable premium aerials on the market today. What good is a premium item if consumers can’t afford it? Don’t worry, we have you covered folks.

Be sure to check out the GG series this upcoming season, and continue following us to see more additions to the Professional Lineup moving forward.

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