ACH available

Posted by: Kurt Cowgill | Wednesday April 1, 2020

We are excited to announce a new service to our customers. We are now able to send and receive electronic checks! Many customers pay by paper check which is a fine method of payment, but in today’s world, it is SLOW! Many of you know the time lost in mailing in a check or paying expensive overnight fees so that we can release your order. Sometimes orders sit for 1-2 days waiting on checks to come in for freight and order balances. With this new service you may arrange ahead of time for NCI to electronically draft, with your consent, the amount due - instantly. This cuts out the hassle and delays associated with sending a paper check. Additionally, if we owe you money for overpayment, damage claims, or any other credit, we can now send you the money electronically the same way with the ease and speed of an electronic check. Several customers have already taken advantage of this service and are all set up for fast and easy payment. Contact your sales representative or go to our website and retrieve the ACH Authorization form and submit securely with your sales representative.
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