A Few Favorites From Nicole

Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Thursday January 31, 2019

Hello! Something I get asked by almost every customer I work with is "What products do you like?" So I decided to put a few of my favorites together and tell you a little bit about them, why I like them, and why you should have them in your store or keep them for your personal stash.


Now for me personally, I have a love-hate thing for Saturn missiles. Mostly a hate thing to be honest with you. BUT when we got these first two products in I was pleasantly surprised.


Hot 50 XL Saturn Missile
50 Fast and furious shots of whistling crackling Saturn – with bangs! It's similar to its larger counterpart Hot 325 XL, and I love them both for similar reasons. They're just different! They bring something else to the Saturn missile category and I couldn't be happier about it.


Hot 325 XL Saturn Missile (Available in GA and IN warehouses)
This is the first jumbo missile variety that we've offered. It starts out nice and easy then quickly moves to a raging onslaught of whistling red & green missiles with strobing tails. If you're like me and don't "prefer" Saturn missiles you might be wondering what made me like this one. It's the firing pattern that got me interested! Pair that with the different colors and effects and now I'm really hooked.


Mother Load – Aerial Repeater
I actually have to tell on myself here. I was at a social gathering where we ended the night with a fireworks show thrown together by yours truly. Someone else donated their fireworks and I noticed this gem. I happened to light this one by itself and especially enjoyed the 5 shot finale! I knew we had it in stock and it soon became a personal favorite in the repeater category.


Space Rider – Aerial Repeater
Purple, Gold, and white. Gorgeous on their own, spectacular together. 12 shots with glittering peonies, crackling tails, and a jolting finale! If you're looking for a firework that dazzles, this is it.


Twitter Glitter Large – Aerial Repeater
Friends and family are always asking me where to pick up their fireworks. One year I got to enjoy the fireworks I suggested with some friends. They purchased a large assortment that came with a pack of twitter glitter and I was quite impressed – and so were they! I always suggest these for customers on a limited budget but want something that's fun and an aerial.



Until next time!



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