• Image for Retail Environment 2020

    Retail Environment 2020

    Posted by: Jeff Brandenburg | Thursday April 9, 2020

    Retail Environment 2020...more »

  • Image for 2020 Artillery Shells

    2020 Artillery Shells

    Posted by: Steven Irvin | Tuesday April 7, 2020

    2020 Artillery Shells...more »

  • Image for Conferences


    Posted by: AJ Burns | Friday April 3, 2020

    Conference reviews...more »

  • ACH available

    Posted by: Kurt Cowgill | Wednesday April 1, 2020

    ACH now available...more »


    Posted by: Richard Shields | Tuesday March 31, 2020

    A message from the President - IMPORT CRISIS & PRODUCT SHORTAGES LOOM...more »

  • Image for Ask The Experts: Steven Irvin

    Ask The Experts: Steven Irvin

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Wednesday July 24, 2019

    Hear it right from the experts, learn all about the Predator XL shells and the NEW Predator XXL shells! Steven Irvin gives us an inside look at the Predator fireworks line!...more »

  • Image for 2019 Georgia Demo: Atlanta Motor Speedway

    2019 Georgia Demo: Atlanta Motor Speedway

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Monday July 15, 2019

    If you didn't get a chance to stop by our FIRST Georgia Demo then I hate to say it... but you missed out on a great time and great fireworks! Don't worry - we'll be back next year! Take a look at all the fun we had!...more »

  • Image for NCI Defeats Mother Nature by TKO

    NCI Defeats Mother Nature by TKO

    Posted by: Kurt Cowgill | Wednesday May 15, 2019

    At the corporate headquarters of North Central Industries in Muncie IN, on the second Saturday in May 2019, it started out clear and sunny, with the temperature setting close to 70 degrees. Meanwhile inside, a week’s worth of preparations were finished and the big day many feel marks the start of fireworks season was upon us....more »

  • Image for 2019 Shanghai Shipping 'Crisis'

    2019 Shanghai Shipping 'Crisis'

    Posted by: NCI | Wednesday May 1, 2019

    Here is everything we know about shipments coming out of China....more »

  • Image for NCI Attends First Ever Spring NFA

    NCI Attends First Ever Spring NFA

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Friday March 15, 2019

    The first ever Spring NFA was held in our backyard in Columbus, GA. Here is an inside look at how things went!...more »

  • Image for NCI: Convention Updates from AJ

    NCI: Convention Updates from AJ

    Posted by: AJ Burns | Friday March 1, 2019

    North Central Industries, Inc. belongs to several organizations in order to stay on the leading edge of our industry. Attending these organization’s annual and sometimes bi-annual conventions is one critical facet of our business. NCI encourages all of our customers to stay up to date with Fireworks Industry news and these conventions are a great way to do so....more »

  • Image for The Year of the Pig!

    The Year of the Pig!

    Posted by: NCI | Wednesday February 6, 2019

    Chinese New Year: The Year of the Pig...more »

  • Image for A Few Favorites From Nicole

    A Few Favorites From Nicole

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Thursday January 31, 2019

    Hello! Something I get asked by almost every customer I work with is "What products do you like?" So I decided to put a few of my favorites together and tell you a little bit about them, why I like them, and why you should have them in your store or keep them for your personal stash....more »

  • Image for In The Works...

    In The Works...

    Posted by: NCI | Thursday January 17, 2019

    Kurt and Steven have been working hard over the last year to bring our customers something truly unique and exciting....more »

  • Image for Welcome Denisha!

    Welcome Denisha!

    Posted by: Denisha Miller | Tuesday January 8, 2019

    Denisha is new to the pyro world, with one season under her belt see what she has to say!...more »

  • Image for Charlie: The End of an Era

    Charlie: The End of an Era

    Posted by: Kurt Cowgill | Friday December 21, 2018

    Charlie says goodbye to NCI....more »

  • Image for Newest Additions to the Great Grizzly Family

    Newest Additions to the Great Grizzly Family

    Posted by: Kim Reynard | Wednesday December 5, 2018

    There has been a baby boom at North Central Industries this year. We have THREE new additions!!!...more »

  • Image for A Message From Our Vice President: Kurt Cowgill

    A Message From Our Vice President: Kurt Cowgill

    Posted by: Kurt Cowgill | Wednesday December 5, 2018

    Hello Friends! Winter days are growing more scarce as of this writing and the Spring weather season is upon us. This means that many of you are starting to think about the upcoming fireworks sales season and looking to set your summer product offerings. We’ve been working very hard since the end of last July to bring you many new items you will be excited to try as well as getting all your favorites in to fill your initial orders. I’d like to take this opportunity to communicate challenges that all in the fireworks industry are up against as well as share successes that we have achieved since my last writing. I will be covering supply chain production and transportation issues, administrative changes at NCI, and will finish by giving you some advice on new products that are must buys for the upcoming season....more »

  • Image for NEW Georgia Wholesale Fireworks Location

    NEW Georgia Wholesale Fireworks Location

    Posted by: Steven Irvin | Wednesday May 9, 2018

    Rest assured our core principles of providing the highest quality products, competitive prices, and unmatched customer service will be mimicked in our Georgia wholesale fireworks division. These principles are not only what we run our business by but also what sets North Central Industries apart from the competition....more »

  • Image for 5 Acceptable Reasons to Miss the 2018 Demo

    5 Acceptable Reasons to Miss the 2018 Demo

    Posted by: Nicole B. | Wednesday May 2, 2018

    5 Acceptable Reasons for missing our Demo this year: 1. You're dead 2. Free dinner makes you miserable...more »

  • Image for The More You Know: Sky Lanterns

    The More You Know: Sky Lanterns

    Posted by: Nicole B. | Thursday April 26, 2018

    Sky Lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns, are paper balloons that have a flammable oil covered patch of material suspended in the middle of an opening at the bottom like a hot air balloon....more »

  • Image for A Message From The President: State Fireworks Laws Are Changing

    A Message From The President: State Fireworks Laws Are Changing

    Posted by: Richard Shields | Friday March 23, 2018

    With the 2018 Fireworks season rapidly approaching I wanted to give you some valuable information about states that now can sell fireworks and others that are expanding the products that they can sell. It seems more states are realizing the revenues that they can capture and the failed concept of “prohibition”....more »

  • What does Independence Day mean to you?

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Thursday February 22, 2018

    Independence Day is seeing my father's old military uniform, reading love letters he wrote to my mother while he was serving....more »

  • Let's Talk About APA...

    Posted by: Nicole Burnett | Wednesday October 18, 2017

    “The APA's Mission is to encourage safety in design & use of all types of fireworks, to provide industry information & support to its members, and to promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry.”...more »

  • Our new showroom!

    Posted by: Nicole B | Thursday March 9, 2017

    Some of you may remember hearing about or even seeing our new show room being built. Well now it’s COMPLETE! New, improved and MUCH bigger than before!...more »


    Posted by: Josh Mahoney | Thursday February 9, 2017

    Introduction of our new series GG 28, 35, 42, and 49....more »

  • Passfire Review

    Posted by: Nicole B | Wednesday November 30, 2016

    Our review of the documentary Passfire....more »

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