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2022 Demo Registration

Georgia Demo 4/23/2022
Registration deadline April 6, 2022

Indiana Demo 5/14/2022
Registration deadline April 29, 2022

Announcement about Customer Pickup Orders / Cash and Carry

This is to serve as notice that order pick-up the day before, day of, or day immediately following our 2022 Georgia and Indiana Demo Night events will not be available as all our staff will be focused on set-up, operating, and tearing down these demo events. There will also be no cash-and-carry sales at either event. This will enable us to put on the very best demo event possible for our customers. Due to a large volume of current orders and backorders expected, we cannot allow any prior day, same day, or next day orders to be pulled and loaded during our demo events, out of respect for those customers that have placed early orders and are patiently awaiting those orders to be filled. The current market conditions in this lingering COVID-19 era still present many challenges that have forced a change in the way we do business. We have transitioned to a policy of pre-ordering and **pick-up by appointment only** which we have found to be necessary to allow operations to continue smoothly. It’s a change for all of us and on behalf of our staff, we want to thank everyone for their patience and willingness to adapt to this new landscape. We look forward to seeing everyone in person at our Spring Demo events where we will provide entertainment, food, fireworks, and access to view our products via showroom or mobile show trailer in a safe, clean, and responsible environment. 

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