DECEMBER 2nd, 2015




North Central Industries, Inc., a direct importer and wholesaler of Consumer Fireworks, has issued a mandatory recall for product #GG0361, item #361, California Candle {Mammoth} assortment on December 2nd, 2015. This assortment consists of 3 large candles (30” L x 4” Diameter) labeled “Dazzling Diamonds”, “Touch of Sparkle”, and “Glow Beam”. Any retailers or consumers in possession of this item should immediately cease sale and/or use of this item. North Central Industries, Inc. has contacted, alerted, and issued full refunds to all retailers that purchased this product for resale.



If you are a retail customer that has unused merchandise, you will need to contact the retailer you purchased the product from to arrange a return of that product for a refund. If you need assistance contacting that retailer, we will help to provide the necessary contact information based on where you purchased the product. You may contact us toll free by dialing 1-800-800-2264.



If you were injured using this product, please contact our Insurance Company, Scottsdale Insurance, and they will handle and process an injury claim. The contact person is Veronica Ariola, and she can be contacted by sending your information to: If you prefer to speak with us directly you may contact NCI at the toll free number listed above and we will collect the necessary information and forward it to the Insurer.

View the Official Recall on the CPSC Website

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