NCI carefully packages their goods to ensure that our customers receive their fireworks in original condition. We negotiate the lowest shipping costs with different freight companies that deliver throughout the United States.
Note that the U.S. Postal Service and the United Parcel Service (UPS) do not handle consumer fireworks.

Shipping Charges
Shipping costs are based on shipment weight so the more an order weighs, the more the total freight charge will be (note that the cost per pound will go down for larger shipments). Please contact us and we would be happy to conduct a freight quote for you. Provide us with the approximate size of the order (ie. 2000 pounds and the destination address). You may call us at (765)284-7122 or 1-800-800-2264.

Shipping Options

Customers of NCI can receive or pick up their order in four different ways:

  1. Delivery to a business address.
  2. Delivery to a residential address (please note that there is an additional charge for this option).
  3. Terminal pickup: delivery to a local trucking terminal where you can pick up the fireworks.
  4. Pick-up at NCI (1500 E Washington St, Muncie, IN 47305). Picking up the shipment from NCI's warehouse avoids shipping costs altogether and allows our customers to meet face-to-face with an NCI sales representative.

Fireworks Shipping Restrictions
NCI will only ship items that are legally permitted at the shipping destination. Please be informed about your state firework law. You may need to check with your state fire marshal to learn more about your state firework law. NCI will not ship any type of fireworks to the State of California or overseas.

Delivery Time
Please call NCI at 765-284-7122 or toll-free 800-800-2264 if you would like an approximate delivery date once you place an order.

Damaged Goods
The boxes we use are designed to transport fireworks. NCI inspects our boxes when we receive them and before they are shipped out to you to ensure that all orders arrive in excellent condition. NCI recommends that you inspect the firework boxes when you receive your order with the delivery driver present. If the exterior of the boxes appears to be damaged (water damage, rips, major dents, etc), NCI recommends that you open the boxes with the delivery driver present and write down any damage on the bill of lading at the time of delivery.

Shipment Tracking
Wondering where your fireworks are?  After your order ships from NCI, we will call and provide you with the name of the trucking company and the tracking # for your order. With this information, you can receive up-to-date tracking information by using the website or toll-free telephone number below.

USF Holland - 800-627-4831 -

R & L Carriers - 800-368-5035 -

N&M Transfer - 800-236-0301 -

Estes Express -

Pitt Ohio Express - 800-366-7488 -





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