5 Acceptable Reasons to Miss the 2018 Demo

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5 Acceptable Reasons to Miss the 2018 Demo

Posted by: Nicole B. | Wednesday May 2, 2018

5 Acceptable Reasons for missing our Demo this year:

1. You're dead

2. Free dinner makes you miserable

3. You hate having a good time

4. Fireworks make you deathly ill

5. It's not acceptable to miss the demo – COME OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN! Food, Fireworks and your favorite staff on hand all day long!

Come hang out with NCI on May 12th from 2pm-After the fireworks finale. We have a lot in store for you this year and a few new things to spice it up. As always we will have a cash 'n carry, free dinner and fireworks! Call us at 800-800-2264 or RSVP online by following this link If you RSVP today you'll receive a free gift!

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