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Item Name Invoice Number Item Number Entry Number Lot ID Declaration Date
MORNING GLORY CORN2-SR/NC-29/16 MB-0981(36P) ARV-5040607-8 16004085 03-24-2016
40" MAMMOTH DAY PARACHUTES KAP11/NC-21/16 MB-T5530 ARV-5039483-7 16L00603 03-12-2016
AERIAL ASST OF MB0501-4 HWD081/15/CORN MB-HN68 ARV-50271795 15004403 05-26-2015
ASSAULT CANDLE ASSORTMENT NCI02-15 DM436 ARV-5024491-7 14013750 3/26/2015
Assault Candle Assortment NCI05-15 DM436 ARV-5025581-4 14013750 03-31-2015
Assault Candle Assortment NCI07-16 DM436 ARV-5036186-9 15011049 10-20-2015
ASSORTED FOUNTAIN 5" HWD064/15/KAP MB-7709 ARV-5025579-8 15001596 04-25-2015
ASSORTED FOUNTAIN 5in HWD075-14 Kap12 MB-7709 U10-3140592-5 14001191 04-15-2014